Full Stack Developer

Pillr · Jul 4th 2019

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Pillr is looking for a motivated and innovation-oriented developer to maintain, deploy and build our application services and infrastructure.

Communication, ownership and accountability are fundamental to our company culture!

Pillr is an emerging startup company, based out of Montreal and Ottawa, building cutting-edge Semantic web platforms to significantly improve Data Analysis, Information Management, and automation. Our current projects include an analytic-based ERP.

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* Object-oriented programming * DevOps-oriented (CI, CD, High Availability) * Functional programming * Web Application Framework development * Content Management System development * REST API Development and Management * REST API User and Access Management


* PHP7 * Bash * JavaScript * CSS * Nginx * RDF * OWL * MySQL * Linked Data * AWS * Jenkins * Puppet


* Familiarity with W3C Semantic Web Specifications (RDF, OWL2, HTTP, Linked-Data, JSON-LD). * Understanding of Ontologies. * Experience working with Federal, Provincial and Municipal Agencies. * Understanding of A.I. concepts such as Neural Networks and Inference. * Understanding of Programming Language design and metamodel interpreters.


* Competitive compensation

* Work-from-anywhere * Flexible hours * Options package

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