Front End Engineer Java/Kotlin in innovative product company · Jul 4th 2019

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Headquarters: Boston, MA URL:

We are looking for someone with strong product mentality who really cares about what you do.

Our products are online, browser based video and animation editing applications.

The products are written in Java which we compile to Javascript and run in browser. We are in the process of transitioning from Java to Kotlin. Initially you will be working on our products in Java and then in Kotlin. It is ok if you don’t know Kotlin, but know Java, this is great opportunity to learn new fast growing language at work!

We keep all our code in Github, use Youtrack for bug tracking, TeamCity for continuous integration and deployment and use Slack and Basecamp for communication.

Must haves: strong knowledge of Java, experience with complex UI, attention to details.

Would be great: knowledge of Kotlin, experience with UI toolkits like Swing, knowledge of Javascript/Typescript

To apply:

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