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TaxDome · Jun 16th 2019

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Our team is looking for a solid, experienced Remote Account Management specialist in the accounting/tax industry who is a native English speaker and who would be available during NY business hours.

We provide an easy to use and extremely affordable software to accountants and tax practitioners that helps them streamline their office environment to make doing business easier for themselves and their customers.

Our core clients at this point are small to medium sized accounting offices who are struggling to keep things organized and grow their business.

What we need is someone who can reach out to prospects who have expressed interest in our system, registering for a demo webinar, and performing the necessary follow up once they do to turn them into paying customers!

Who’s our ideal candidate?

  • Experience in calling clients and prospects to set appointments, some of whom might be cold leads that haven’t been contacted by us yet
  • Experience in the tax and/or accounting industry so you can “talk the talk.” This isn’t 100% necessary if you are smooth and polished on calls and can learn quickly...but it would be nice if you had some familiarity
  • The ability to work uninterrupted during normal business hours
  • A keen understanding of who your audience is and the level of professionalism that you must have
  • Someone who has helped onboard and support business customers

At this time, the hours requirement is very reasonable (3 hours a day), but we will be getting much busier shortly so we hope to find someone with flexibility.

Additionally, to be certain you’ve read this entire posting, please start your proposal by telling me what the weather is like by you right now. Those who don’t follow this simple instruction will be rejected immediately - which is great for you since you've read this part :)

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you!

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