Full-stack python product engineer

Orbitly.io · Jun 8th 2019

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA URL: https://orbitly.io


  • must speak good enough English to communicate ideas and technical details clearly
  • must have good product and design sense, ability to build out features that look and feel polished without much guidance from others or designers
  • must be self motivated to complete tasks on your own without much management
  • must have had experience either programming in Python using the Django, Flask, or other similar framework
  • skills include understanding and usage of Sqlalchemy, a PostgreSQL database ORM for python
  • must have enough experience in Javascript to be able to work in ReactJS and yarn or npm packaging systems
  • knowledge and familiarity with filesystem bash commands
  • experience with deploying and configuring apps and database on AWS and Heroku
  • familiarity with Redis
  • experience working on projects in a team setting with Git as the codebase version control
  • you must be looking for a long term commitment working with us
  • 3+ years of experience with Python and Javascript is required


  • Because one of our core values is for all of us to live life but still get shit done, you get a lot of flexibility in how or when or where you choose to do your work
  • The only thing we care about is that you are building products that are adding value to the company and providing value to our customers
  1. This role will allow you to be creative and build products that you can see go out into the world to be used by real people
  2. You get to observe holidays that are in your country rather than following the holiday schedule of the US if you are non-US

To apply: careers@orbitly.io

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