Part-time foreign language teacher. Work remotely over the phone teaching your native language ($12-$15/hour).

Flooant · Jun 7th 2019

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Flooant is hiring part-time foreign language teachers (of all languages other than English), to work remotely over the phone through the Flooant mobile app. Simply lead a conversation in your native language with students, and earn money. Get paid by the minute, and work anytime you are available, day or night.

Flooant is a new company (started in December 2018), that connects language learners with native language teachers instantly, over the phone. All Flooant language lessons are done on-demand.

As a Flooant teacher, your schedule will be very flexible. Simply "go on call" whenever you are available to teach, and receive incoming phone calls from students all over the world.

The mission of Flooant is to offer the most effective and convenient path to foreign language fluency, through live conversation practice with native speakers.

To master speaking a foreign language, there is no substitute to live conversation practice with native speakers. As a Flooant teacher, you will offer incredible opportunities to your students to develop their language skills.

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