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Company Description

We are a small software development and research company headquartered in Chicago with a remote team spread across the US and Europe. Our team is focused on Fintech projects designed to leverage big data and machine learning in the financial markets. Our primary software product is an innovative charting and monitoring platform for active traders and market analysis professionals. We pride ourselves in solving complex problems using technology in creative ways.


We are seeing a marketing coordinator to join our remote marketing team. This individual should have excellent written and oral communication skills, a working knowledge of the below listed marketing technologies, and a passion for digital marketing.

Skills / Requirements

  1. Marketing technologies and platforms and/or ability to quickly learn new ones: Mailchimp, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Optimize, Google Analytics, FirstPromoter (or other affiliate marketing tools), Hootsuite/Agora Pulse, CRM tools (Capsule or others) and other.
  2. Strong written communication skills. Responsible for management of content program, including writing content yourself and working with outside writers.
  3. Strong understandings of social networking, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - for the purpose of earned exposure, paid exposure, and influencer marketing
  4. Basic graphic design skills and ability to work with outside designers if needed
  5. Working knowledge and understanding of HTML and CSS and ability to work with outside web developers if needed
  6. Understanding of the principles and practices of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)


This role is involved in the overall marketing execution of the company and thus has a number of responsibilities related to this. Marketing Coordinator is responsible for helping to...

  1. Ideate and Strategize - help conceptualize and design marketing programs
  2. Plan - meticulously plan the execution of those programs
  3. Execute - get it going - pull it off, without a hitch
  4. Track - track, measure and tabulate KPIs to see how things are going
  5. Optimize - change things to make them perform better
  6. Report - inform management of how things are going - keep the team appraised
  7. Own - help own and manage the marketing P&L - the budget AND the results

Programs and responsibility areas:

  1. Content production: blogs, articles, thought leadership. Work with the team to create a content calendar and manage to it, using outside writing resources if needed. Posts cover wide range of topics from product launch announcements to research articles.
  2. E-mail marketing: Work with the team to produce email marketing messages to announce new features or new promotions, work with outside email vendors to secure paid placements in their messages and optimize for conversions.
  3. Digital marketing/display: Manage the performance of banner advertising campaigns by tracking performance and refreshing creatives, placements, targeting settings, etc. as needed to optimize the results.
  4. Manage social paid creatives and network ads on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Work with outside consultants if needed.
  5. Affiliate management. Help the affiliate manager manage the affiliate program.
  6. Minor graphic design. Help design creatives to promote the product for use in other marketing activities such as Social, Digital, Email.
  7. Tracking of KPIs using available tools and reporting on all areas of marketing performance regularly.


As a trading technology company, our customers are traders. Literacy in financial markets/trading terminology is a big plus. A working knowledge of how to trade, day trade, swing trade, or simply read a candlestick chart are big pluses. Also, we value people who can pay attention to little details, so if you are reading this right now, mention that you saw it in your cover letter. Not a lot of people read paragraphs at the bottom of a job description. We want someone with an eye for detail and the curiosity to read every word. Anyway, here are some of the things that we would consider to be pluses:

  • Experience trading stocks, cryptos, forex, futures, whatever.
  • Experience with technical analysis of stock charts using indicators, trendlines, candlestick formations and chart patterns
  • Having been a member of a trading chat room at one point in your life
  • Being able to answer the question "what does a head and shoulders pattern look like?" without Googling it
  • Basically having any knowledge, direct or peripheral, of stock/crypto or forex trading - being able to relate with traders


We offer competitive salaries and solid benefits.

  • Salary guideline between $37K and $56K per year
  • Health benefits/medical insurance with company covering portion of premiums
  • Opportunity to earn bonus compensation based on performance

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