Event & Community Coordinator

Holo / Regenerative Software · May 23rd 2019

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Initial Short Term Contract to Employment/Long Term Contract Full Time - 100% Remote Working

Join a rapidly growing, innovative, global tech startup in a role that offers opportunities for learning, growth, and impact as you design and use scalable systems that empower our events team, key evangelists, and global volunteer community.

About us

Holochain is our new open source framework infrastructure technology for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is fast, massively scalable, cost effective, resource efficient, and energy efficient. As an open source project Holochain has no business model.

Holo, which is built on Holochain, is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace for hosting and serving other Holochain applications to everyday users connected to the Internet.

Holo brings access to distributed applications to the familiar web browser by creating an ecosystem and a currency that enables distributed hosting services provided by peers.

To help fuel the growth of new patterns of technology and social interaction, we are fostering a Holochain application (hApp) ecosystem and training a developer community that will build many more apps.

You’d be working for Holo, and supporting the growth of Holo and Holochain communities.

We’re hiring someone to organize, systematize and implement processes for:

  • Events we’re hosting, such as: hackathons, conferences, meetups, team retreats, online trainings, etc.
  • Events we’re attending as sponsors, speakers, facilitators, and/or participants
  • Our grassroots global network of volunteer community organizers who hold culturally and educationally significant local events such as dev dinners, meetups, hackathons, and presentations

What you will do:

  • Strategically design and then implement processes for events we host, events we attend, and our grassroots community
  • Recruit, vet, and onboard volunteers who organize local Holochain communities
  • Support a global community of volunteer organizers to establish scalable patterns and structures
  • Organize and project manage meetup, hackathon and other event planning tools and resources – on your own and sometimes with teammates and/or volunteers
  • Roll out new project and marketing initiatives that bridge between Holo and the volunteer community
  • Assess for gaps, create systems, and track progress in our communities
  • Manage and coordinate day-to-day event logistics and prepare speaker presentations
  • Cultivate relationships to increase invitations, then organize and manage high-impact speaking events
  • Diplomatically bargain around our community growth strategy, politely declining salesy offers and where possible shifting transactional relationships into voluntary partnerships.
  • Coordinate post-event follow-up, including feedback and testimonials

What we’re looking for:

  • Skillfulness in fulfilling initiatives through organizing, tracking, and executing
  • Experience with project management and organizing tools
  • Grassroots community organizing and management skills
  • Capacity to track the big picture and be strategic
  • Strong natural attention to details
  • Natural enjoyment in creating and maintaining organization of everything - files, data, etc. (you were the kid that put and kept complex things in accessible and logical order)
  • Skillfulness with people, able to cultivate relationships, and engage volunteers
  • Discernment for priorities based on constantly evolving criteria
  • Enthusiasm for enabling and empowering others
  • Ability to operate in ambiguity and create and uphold adaptable structures
  • Strong and clear written and oral communication skills
  • Flexibility across multiple time zones and wide variety of hours
  • Motivated and attentive to creating positive, meaningful cultural and educational experiences for others
  • Motivation to grow and develop inner and outer leadership skills
  • Ability to include the word shuffleberry in your answer to the third long response question in the application, ideally included in a sentence
  • Proactivity to find alignment with others and get things done

Some details about what we offer:

  • Generous salary (National Currency)
  • Generous crypto payment program (HOT & HoloFuel)
  • Equipment reimbursement
  • Supportive trial period
  • Regular team meetings (video)
  • Collaborative and inspiring culture
  • Flexible work schedule and vacation time
  • Motivated, passionately engaged, and evolutionary global teammates

Holo is an equal opportunity employer and we celebrate our diverse, creative, and collaborative team.

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