Senior AEM (Java) Apps Developer

Critical Mass · May 17th 2019

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Critical Mass is looking for a Sr. AEM developer to join a new team building a dynamic solution for one client who owns multiple brands. Our work environment is collaborative, solution-oriented, and fast-paced. AEM is the backbone of the websites, and we use the latest that AEM and front-end technologies have to offer. The components and services you build keep the site on the cutting edge of and industry that serves hundreds of millions of people.

As someone well-versed in AEM, you understand the need to keep the authoring experience fast & efficient. You understand how all the pieces fit together and how components can be reused to create a scaleable, maintainable design system. We value testing and documentation as a means of ensuring the platform can be contributed to by others. You’ll contribute to that and have the opportunity to evolve our AEM development standards to ensure the highest quality deliverable. We work hard, have a lot of fun along the way and hope you’ll join us.

Team and Responsibilities

You will

  • Be a source of expertise on Adobe Experience Manager and related Adobe products

  • Develop and maintain Java services within the OSGi platform (Apache Felix)

  • Manage the integration points between AEM and other services & systems

  • Assist in architecture design and implementation plans for AEM projects

  • Troubleshoot issues that arise on the platform

  • Participate in team activities including providing mentorship and performing code reviews

  • Manage and maintain the content deployment workflows in the CMS

  • Provide CMS administration and build support to the client team

  • Help to define and rollout development standards and documentation for AEM

You have

  • Experience developing within CMS platforms, preferably Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 or newer.

  • 3 – 5 years experience in Java development or equivalent

  • Experience working as part of an enterprise-grade development project

  • Creative problem solving and troubleshooting in large-scale systems

  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and the ability to multi-task

  • Excellent communication skills and a strong team contributor

  • Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies quickly

  • Experience using the Atlassian stack and Slack

  • Working knowledge of Node.js, ES6, HTML, and CSS

  • Experience working with Spring Boot or similar, especially for web services

  • Experience using and configuring build automation tools (Maven, Jenkins, etc.)

  • Knowledge of HTTP protocol, UNIX shell scripting, and networking

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