REMOTE Sr. DevOps Engineer- Azure & Jenkins Required

Surge · May 1st 2019

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Surge Forward is looking for a smart, self-motivated, experienced, senior-level remote developer to work as a long-term independent contractor.

Experience Required:

We need one Senior DevOps Engineer who can help SIS with migration from an existing Jenkins-based CI/CD pipeline to Azure cloud. Experience with Jenkins is required as is developer experience enough to be able to split existing code bases into separate projects, etc. The primary requirement is expertise in Azure cloud, specifically around configuration management and build pipelines.

Must be located in the US or Canada to be considered for this role. Sorry, No Visas.

For immediate consideration, email r_esume with tech stack under each job and include what versions of Angular you have coded in_ (directly on the resume) as well as cell phone number and start date.

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