Cybersecurity Software Engineer

Cylera · May 2nd 2019

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Who We Are Looking For We are looking for a software engineer who enjoys diving deep into technical problems at all levels of the stack, from low-level network processing and kernel hacking to cloud architecture and security. We are looking for an engineer who enjoys things like digging into Linux internals, reverse engineering protocols, and analyzing network traces, and who has a deep understanding of cybersecurity and networking. We are looking for someone who is excited by the idea of jumping head-first into a nuanced problem space, and who will enjoy working in a fast-paced environment that will constantly push you to learn.

What You’ll Do:

  • Develop and test high-performance Linux network security software in C

  • Work on novel techniques to detect and prevent zero-day attacks using behavioral analysis and anomaly detection

  • Dig into the kernel networking stack for low-level optimizations

  • Process network traffic to decode protocols and analyze application-layer data

  • Work hands-on with high-end server hardware and enterprise network equipment

  • Work with packet capture and network security tools such as Suricata/Snort, Wireshark, Nmap, Nessus, tcpdump, and tcpreplay

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