Native Android Developer [Remote]

Parklink Development · Apr 29th 2019

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Native Android Developer [Remote]

**TLDR:**Parklink Limited seeks a skilled, motivated Android developer for a six-month full-time assignment, with ongoing maintenance contract.

**Overview:**Parklink Development Limited provides RFID duplication devices to locksmiths and security professionals. We currently have over 2000 devices deployed and 250,000 badges copied per year.

We are expanding our product offering, and are seeking a skilled & motivated remote Android developer to design, implement and deploy a specific Android RFID tool.

We anticipate an initial 6 month full-time contract, followed by ongoing update / maintenance contracts.

We are a highly optimised / lean company. The successful candidate will have the ability to work autonomously and remotely. You will work on a real, patented product that is used by thousands of people daily. You will be challenged to write and maintain clean, optimised code for such an environment.

The successful candidate will interface directly and regularly with our Project Manager and CTO.

**Tasks:**Development tasks include:

  • Prototyping multi-lingual Android RFID/NFC Applications based off our specifications.
  • Developing and implementing the applications
  • Debugging and deploying the applications
  • Providing use analytics

Technical skills required:

  • Native Android Development
  • RFID/NFC Experience a bonus
  • Ability to write, respect & maintain unit tests
  • Ability / Experience with in-app use-statistic reporting
  • Ability to interface with our internal REST APIs
  • NFC Familiarity Bonus
  • 13.56 (Mifare, Ultralight, etc)

Personal Skills:

  • Language: Fluent written and spoken English
  • Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently over Slack + phone with the CTO and Project Manager
  • Ability to work autonomously & self-motivate
  • Ability to integrate into an existing team & structure

Time Requirements:

  • This is a full time, remote position (8 hours per day, 5 days per week) for 6 months.
  • Working hours are flexible, based on your time zone, as long as there is cross-over to the EU timezone.
  • Reachable during work hours via phone


  • 3125 EU per month (18750 EU for a 6 month mission)
  • We will provide all training required
  • We will provide all hardware necessary (Devices, parts, badges, etc)
  • Flexible time off: 2 weeks paid vacation days + Paid Public Holidays

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