Junior Frontend developer (JS)

Tyk Technologies · Apr 26th 2019

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Headquarters: London, UK URL: https://tyk.io

Who are Tyk?

We are a funded, early stage startup founded in 2015 based out of London. We have many thousands of users of our B2B platform across the globe, our mission: to connect every system in the world.

The Challenge

The Tyk platform offers a developer-friendly, user-friendly, UX-driven portfolio of products that help our users manage the full life-cycle of their APIs and Services. Our Dashboard and Cloud products enable our users to not only manage their APIs, but also helps them work with more complex patterns such as Microservice and Service Meshes. A core component of this capability is that the interface that we deliver is fast, responsive, friendly and easy to use.

What can you do with us?

We’re looking for a Junior Front-end Engineer (JS) to help us build the next wave of Tyk products, you will be working alongside our existing front-end team, and with our seasoned back-end Go team. You’ll be working on core product and ensuring quality and craft in everything you do.

The primary responsibilities for this role are:

  • Contributing to the frontend code (Javascript & CSS) of our industry-leading API Management Dashboard
  • Tackling GitHub related issues across our interface stack
  • Continuously improving your technical skills
  • Collaborating with the UI/UX team, Back End and Quality Assurance teams

Your day to day will include things like:

  • Solving UI bugs or small features in our Dashboard
  • Learn about the technology stack we’re using
  • Take part and collaborate on the meetings we’re having with UX/Design, Back End team members
  • Writing unit tests for your code

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good understanding of HTML(5) and CSS(3) (selectors, box model, floats, positions etc.)
  • Basic Javascript knowledge (ES6 features, Data types variables and literals, expression and operators, statements, objects and arrays, functions, ajax etc.)
  • Integration with REST JSON APIs
  • Knowledge of building a responsive layout

Bonus skills:

  • Some experience with Frontend frameworks (Angular/React )
  • TDD experience (Jasmine, Jest, Mocha or other)
  • Webpack (or any other similar module bundlers) experience


  • Have 2+ years of experience in a similar role
  • Are a team player
  • Are business fluent in spoken and written English

Our Mission

The internet started by connecting mainframes, by the end of the 20th century 600m desktop and laptop computers exchanged email and web-traffic.

Today around 15 billion ‘things’ are connected to the internet, growing at a rate of a billion per year.

Tyk are committed to enabling interconnectivity between systems and between devices. We’ve started by building an API Management platform.


Our early stage team members will shape our business, there is an attractive package based on experience and performance that includes equity. Everyone has unlimited holiday.

You will work with a talented, and passionate team of industry experts, who are developing a cutting-edge product that is driving change and innovation within startups and household names alike.

We’re a distributed team. Work from our London office during induction, once you are up to speed, you can work from home, a cafe, your mums house, wherever you get your best work done, we’ll support you in making that happen.

The best software and hardware available - we are prime movers in “The New Stack”, our setup reflects that. We are growing rapidly and are looking for team members keen to grab hold, accelerate that further and shape our future.

You can read more about us here https://tyk.io

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