Data Analytics Course Mentor

Thinkful · Mar 12th 2019

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Data Analytics Course Mentor

  • Mentorship

  • Remote

  • Part time

Students enroll in Thinkful courses to gain the valuable technical and professional skills needed to take them from curious learners to employed software developers, data scientists, and designers. As a Technical Expert, you will support students by acting as an advisor, counselor, and cheerleader as they complete the course and land their first industry job. To achieve this, you will engage with students using the below range of approaches known as Engagement Formats. Technical Experts will be expected to provide support across formats when needed.

  • Mentor Sessions: Meet with students 1-on-1 in an online video session to provide technical and professional support as the student progresses through the curriculum.

  • Group Sessions: Host online video sessions on topics of your expertise (in alignment with curriculum offerings) for groups of student seeking live support between mentor sessions.

  • Grading: Reviewing student checkpoints submissions and delivering written feedback, including on projects and portfolios.

  • Technical Coaching: Provide in-demand support to technical questions and guidance requests that come to the Technical Coaching team through text and video in a timely manner. This team also provides the TA support for Immersive programs.

  • Assessments & Mock Interviews: Conduct 1-on-1 mock interviews and assessments via video calls and provide written feedback to students based on assessment rubrics.

In addition to working directly with students, Technical Experts are expected to maintain an environment of regular, candid feedback with the Educator Experience team, and to stay on top of important updates via meetings, email, and Slack. Ideal candidates for this team are highly coachable, display genuine student advocacy, and are comfortable working in a complex, rapidly changing environment.


  • Part time commitment to Thinkful, ranging from a minimum 5 hours per week to a maximum of 25 hours per week

  • 2+ years relevant professional work experience in either:

  • Proficiency in SQL, Advanced Excel, Tableau, Python, Postgres, Strong Statistical Background, Experimental Design, A/B Testing

  • Demonstrates genuine student advocacy and empathy for beginners

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Must be coachable and adaptable to a fast-paced work environment

  • Must have a reliable, high-speed Internet connection

  • Teaching, mentoring and/or coaching experience a plus


  • This is a part-time role (10-25 hours a week)

  • Fully remote position, with the option to work evenings and weekends in person in 22 US cities

  • Community of 500+ like-minded Educators looking to impact others and keep their skills sharp

  • Full access to all of Thinkful Courses for your continued learning

  • Grow as an Educator

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