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KnowledgeOwl · Mar 1st 2019

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Headquarters: Broomfield, CO URL:

We are looking for a senior full stack web developer to join our team. The primary backend language of our application is PHP.

You'll be working on feature development, bug fixes, and support requests. You need to be able to do cradle-to-grave on the code. You'll write it. You'll help test and QA. You'll help with documentation. You'll help the support team understand what it does and how it works. You'll work with them to refine releases and finish the release tail.

This is the first time we've hired a developer. We're looking for someone who's interested in and excited about helping to figure out what that role looks like. You'll have a huge impact on testing/QA processes, UX design and best practices, code best practices, etc.

What we envision this role will do

  • Work independently without supervision or training
  • Build features and fix bugs
  • Help customers and support
  • Manage the product roadmap alongside support
  • Become an expert in the software

About you

You work independently without supervision or training.


  • You have experience working remotely and managing your own time and priorities.
  • You know and can articulate your preferred communication methods and work environment.
  • You don't need a manager to structure your time or check up on your progress.

Nice to have:

  • You've worked on remote teams and loved it.
  • You've worked in a flat organizational structure and loved it.
  • Always having more work than you can do doesn't stress you out.

You're a wizard, Harry:

  • You love solving problems and have a proven track record of identifying issues and solving them with little to no direct supervision.
  • You thrive in environments where you have to take ownership of your work (support or product).
  • You are motivated by always having more work than you can do.
  • If you need to shift gears for a bit, you know how to make that shift productive.

You build features and fix bugs.


  • You are comfortable using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS to build web applications.
  • You can troubleshoot and solve problems by yourself using online resources.
  • You are comfortable learning and using new technologies and libraries.
  • You take it upon yourself to improve existing code when you see an opportunity.

Nice to have:

  • You architect solutions to complex problems in a way that prevents future problems.
  • You have worked with NoSQL databases, MongoDB in particular.
  • You well understand full stack architecture (LAMP) and how the pieces fit together.
  • You have some sysadmin or DevOps experience.
  • You write your own documentation for the things you build.

You're a wizard, Harry:

  • You are not only an expert web app programmer but also an expert sysadmin or DevOps engineer.
  • You are an AWS expert.
  • You have experience working with systems like Puppet and HaProxy.

You help customers and support.


  • You are helpful, friendly, enthusiastic, and polite with everyone, including co-workers and customers.
  • You have demonstrated experience helping customers by phone and email.
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English.

Nice to have:

  • You enjoy and see the value in spending time doing support.
  • You keep an eye on the queue and sometimes jump in to help a customer, fix a bug, or enhance a feature to make someone's day.
  • You help build features and tools to make support easier.
  • You like being a hero to the support team and customers.

You're a wizard, Harry:

  • Support is your jam.
  • You are best friends with the support team and help them out often.
  • You could handle the support queue by yourself if everyone else is unavailable.

You manage the product roadmap and backlog alongside support.

  • You're used to or excited about working directly with product/support staff to work through a feature build, testing, and release.
  • You have strong attention to detail to ensure that MVP requirements are met.
  • You're willing to ask questions to clarify vague or poorly understood requirements.
  • You can be available for roadmap/feature meetings during a U.S. Eastern time zone business day.

Nice to have:

  • You have previous experience with estimating effort and complexity for feature requests.
  • You're familiar with Asana.
  • You like working with an agile release cycle of some kind.
  • You take pride in your work but you aren't so much of a perfectionist that you never ship code.
  • You can explain complex technical requirements to a product manager who doesn't do development.

You're a wizard, Harry:

  • You love working with a product manager to define MVP and/or break a large feature release into manageable pieces.
  • You eat, sleep, breathe your customer base and can think of difficult edge cases that might cause future problems.
  • You love sharing knowledge and showing other people new skills or info.
  • You can internalize the customer need behind a new feature and make good decisions on your own.

You become an expert in the software.


  • You learn the software by helping customers and using it yourself.
  • You help with both internal and external documentation.
  • You know what features and functionality we have and why customers use us.
  • You keep up-to-date with what we discuss on the website, blog, and social media.

Nice to have:

  • You love reading and writing documentation.
  • You have experience writing API and other developer documentation.
  • You appreciate good documentation, and you can explain what makes a great knowledge base.
  • You've used other knowledge base, help authoring, or documentation tools in the past.

You're a wizard, Harry:

  • You are already part of the Write the Docs community (Slack, Meetups, conferences) or STC.
  • You are a technical writer at heart, and you'd love to build a product to help people like yourself.
  • You've written blog posts or given talks about software documentation.

About us

We're a small, 100% remote software company with a single product. We make KnowledgeOwl, a SaaS knowledge base solution. Customers large and small use us to create knowledge bases for all sorts of projects. We're passionate about documentation and knowledge management (docs or it didn't happen!).

And at the center of all that is a true dedication to customer support. We build features based on customer requests and input. We give customers a lot of ways to customize their knowledge bases. We pride ourselves on quick support turnaround and helpful solutions.

We're a small team. Our co-founders are our full-time staff. The rest of us are contractors. We work from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. We're all motivated to help people, and we've designed our product and support to do just that.

Everyone here has a voice and input on how we run things, what we work on, and where we're going. We each end up specializing in certain areas or processes. There's a lot of freedom to take ideas and run with them. (Have you checked out our job titles?) It also means that nobody's looking over your shoulder to hold you on task. You need to be independent, eager to learn, and willing to take initiative.

Who you'll work with

  • Pete Grigg, Knowledge Sheriff & Chief Technical Owl (co-founder): Pete's responsible for everything in the software. He built it and currently maintains everything. You'll work the most with him. We don't have "supervisors" here, but he's your main resource for all things code-related.
  • Kate Mueller, Support Sorceress & Cheese Monger: Kate does support and is also the closest thing to a product manager we have. She's our developer advocate on the support side. You'll work with her to define MVP, manage the backlog, and to answer questions along the way.
  • Stephen Zappia, Project Pyromaniac & Support Sorcerer: Stephen dabbles in support, but he generally focuses on paid professional service projects. He deals with more complex customer implementations. He might need your help on particularly sticky widgets.
  • Marybeth Alexander, Knowledge Goddess & Chief Executive Owl (co-founder): Marybeth insists she isn't in charge, but the rest of us consider her the boss. She knows our customers and product better than anyone. She's been here since ground zero with Pete. She's the ultimate source of KO knowledge, and she'll be there to help with anything you need.

Other important stuff

  • This is a contract position. You will start off as a contractor for an agreed upon time. If you like working with us and we like working with you, we will extend your contract.
  • As a contractor, you specify your hourly rate and schedule. We do not offer insurance, retirement, or similar benefits. You should budget this into your hourly rate.
  • This is a 100% remote position. Work from wherever and bring your own computer. We can't sponsor work visas, so you'll need to have appropriate permission to work where you live.
  • We will perform background and reference checks for selected candidates.
  • You must love, or can learn to tolerate, owls and owl-related puns.

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