Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

Making Things · Feb 28th 2019

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Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia URL:

This job can be in person or remote

We are developing software for the knitting makers and designers - along with domain-specific language specifications - to modernise digital creation tools. And we're looking for a full-stack, back-end focused software engineer to join us.

Our stack is primarily based on serverless Node.js with GraphQL (powering our React and React Native applications) running on AWS (but favour a portable and provider-agnostic design). We value functional, maintainable, and elegant code.

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What you'll be doing

  • Helping to architect our creator (knitting app), and designer systems - Writing clean, readable code to make it work
  • Helping build a scalable and stable infrastructure
  • Developing our open-source specifications and language design
  • Establishing processes and best-practices as our team grows

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