Head Of Marketing

SMART Apps · Feb 20th 2019

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Headquarters: Saint Petersburg, FL URL: https://smar7apps.com

SMART Apps is looking for a head of marketing to help our three year old team create more demand and reach new customers. We're a Shopify application company based out of Saint Petersburg, FL (born and bred!)

Our goal is simple: To make our applications simple for our users and eCommerce simple for their customers

Our applications will allow Shopify store owners to do things such as:

  • Increase their average order value by creating targeted and data driven upsells
  • Automate their store's Dropshipping and order fulfillment
  • Optimize their checkout for increased order value and conversions
  • Create sales and scarcity to increase revenue

Our passion is making revenue more accessible to store owners no matter if they're new or seasoned.

We're a high energy team with talented, creative individuals from all over the world. We're 21 strong and looking to begin development of our marketing team.

About You:

Above all else, you must be data driven. When you make a decision you'll be able to show the data you used to make the decision and clearly explain it to the rest of the team.

You're a goal oriented individual and love to set difficult goals for the company, your team and yourself. You then do all you can to stay on track and reach those goals.

You're an excellent communicator and storyteller. Stories move people and make difficult concepts easy to understand. You should be able to demand prospects attention with powerful words and use your story to drive them through our funnel

You're empathetic and can understand our users, the pain they feel and the emotion that drives them.

Your Experience:

  • You have experience creating demand for products
  • 2 Years b2b marketing experience
  • 1 year SaaS marketing experience
  • Experience with media buying, advertising and social
  • Must be able to communicate clearly with engineering, design, product and sales to define your needs for product changes and sales material
  • Some copywriting experience

Our Goal:

We want to change the way Shopify store owners do eCommerce. We want to make running a store as simple and profitable as possible. Less work for our users, more revenue for their store.

To do that we need to spread our message and acquire these people as users

Your job will be to create demand in the marketplace for our products, then acquire and nurture leads until they become customers. We will then continue to nurture our customers and create life long partnerships with these store owners.

We are looking to set KPIs and OKRs for each quarter as a team and do all we can to meet these


We provide the following benefits:

  • Health, vision, dental and life insurance (for you and dependant) (we pay 75%)
  • Gym membership
  • Book and audiobook fund
  • We'll pay for any conferences you think will be a good fit
  • We pay for a couple movie tickets each month (we love movies)
  • 14 days paid vacation and unlimited sick days (after 3 months)

Starting salary is $50,000.00 - $80,000.00 depending on experience with tons of room for growth as our marketing program grows

How To Apply

Tell us your story. Why you're a good fit and how your experience can help not just our company but our users. Please include a cover letter written as a story.

You can email your cover letter to careers@smar7apps.com with the subject line:


To apply: Careers@smar7apps.com

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