Fractional Digital Product Designer & Proven MVP Strategist

Gear Stream · Feb 13th 2019

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Headquarters: Raleigh, NC URL:

NOTE: Please do NOT apply unless you are a real PRODUCT / MVP GEEK... we need someone who is WAY MORE than a skilled Visual Designer or UX practitioner. Yes, you will need UX and Visual Design skills, but we also need someone who brings proven, strategic product design experience.

What Kind of Product Designer We Seek

  • You have a Proven Start-Up / Bootstrap background doing Digital Product / MVP Design work.
  • You are looking to be part of a revolution... a movement... a product experience that could literally change the course of history - we're serious... That's the kind of digital product experience we're attempting to pull off (this is not a joke).
  • You must also be both expert and meticulous about tackling WICKED hard digital product challenges including:
  1. Digital Product Strategy for Complex Products, NOT just simple apps
  2. Ethical Addictive / Habit Forming Product Design - aka: Nir Ayals Habit Methodology
  3. Product On-Boarding / Top-of-Funnel MVP Design
  4. Macro and Micro Product Design - End2End Flows and micro-interaction design
  5. Growth Hacking Tactics
  6. Deep User Experience - The Real Deal, NOT simply pixel pushing

For now we also need someone who can work fractionally (until we validate and can scale MRR) and who is adept at working with a small remote/virtual team.

To apply:

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