Full Stack Rails Developer

Room 118 Solutions · Feb 7th 2019

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Hey! We're Room 118 Solutions, a small web application consultancy specializing in Ruby on Rails application development. Business has been booming, and we need another developer to help us maintain existing applications and build new ones. We currently need around 30 hours of work per month, and expect that to increase in the coming months.

Our projects use a mix of the following technologies, so we can likely find one to match your skills:

  • Ruby / Rails
  • RSpec / Capybara
  • PostgreSQL / MySQL
  • Javascript / Coffeescript / jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS / Sass
  • Git

Bonus points if you’re familiar with Ember.js or graphic design.

When I said we're a small team, I mean really small. It's just the two of us, but we're finally ready to expand a bit. We work remotely, and don't have an office, but we're based in the NYC area. Because we're so small, we're not very picky on how or when or where you get your work done. Want to work from Tahiti on Wednesday? No problem. Prefer working nights? That's cool. We just ask that we have some overlap in our work days (we're on Eastern time) to touch base. We're also open to new ideas and technologies, so you will have a lot of influence over our projects. If you've ever felt unheard or like a grunt programmer at your old gigs, you'll love working with us.

We're looking for a mid-level developer. Are you a little more junior? That’s probably fine - show us some of your work. We're open to mentoring you and helping you grow. Are you a little more senior? No problem - we've got challenging work that you could tackle, too.

Are you interested in joining our team?

  • Send over a résumé if you have a current one, but don't bother writing one if you don't. A brief employment history is just as good.
  • Most importantly, please share with us some of your previous work. If you have a Github account, send that over.
  • Either way, it's great if you can send over a few of your favorite code snippets with a brief description of why you're proud of them. Or if you don’t have code you can share because it’s property of a previous employer or client, describe some interesting problems you faced and how you went about solving them.
  • Please note what timezone you're in.
  • Let us know what your hourly rate would be for 30+ hours of work/month.

Fellow shops/consultancies need not apply. We're specifically looking for an individual. Thanks!


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