Scraping Best Practices Investigator - Python

Scrapinghub · Feb 4th 2019

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About the Job:

Your key objective will be to advance Scrapinghub’s knowledge of web technologies and web scraping best practices.

This is not a production role. Instead, you’ll be given the time and resources to iteratively, and with scientific rigor, test hypotheses and produce a research-backed knowledge base for other developers at Scrapinghub.

Despite not working on specific customer projects, your work will help fuel growth across all of Scrapinghub’s Data business (Professional Services & Data on Demand). Your measures of success will be your ability to iterate quickly and produce assets that are useful to other Shubbers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create and execute well designed experiments (repeatable, multiple treatments, testable variables, controls, replication) to learn more about how to best complete web scraping projects

  • Produce well written, indexed, reports of your findings (similar to publishing to an academic journal, though not nearly as lengthy)

  • Propose new experiments to run

  • Work with the Team Lead to prioritize the backlog of experiments

  • Maintain best practice guides for other Shubbers who will be implementing client solutions based on your findings

  • Propose changes to Scrapinghub’s other products (Crawlera, Scrapy Cloud, etc) or Scrapy itself based on your findings

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent communication in written English.

  • A strong understanding of the Scientific Method and the ability to continuously implement a process that follows it with rigor.

  • Take a logical, measurement-backed approach to prioritizing projects, and enjoy working with others that do the same.

  • Familiarity with techniques and tools for crawling, extracting and processing data, asynchronous communication and distributed systems.

  • A strong knowledge of Python along with a broad general programming background; strong problem solver.

  • Enjoy working across several teams and communicating with your end customer (other Shubbers)

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