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Aula · Feb 2nd 2019

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Be the first product manager at Aula; take full ownership of entire product areas working hand-in-hand with tech leads, designers and engineers.


Our thesis is that core digital infrastructure in education should focus on interaction rather than on file-storage and admin: a digital campus that fosters community and engaging learning experiences.


An experienced product manager with a background in either UX or engineering. You have proven results in building world-class consumer products.

Aula: what we do

Aula is a conversational platform for education. Think ‘Slack for education’: consumer tech on the front-end yet complex infrastructure on the back-end. We’ve built Aula because we believe digital infrastructure should encourage community and participation-based learning.

For students, this means less one-way communication from the teacher, more collaboration with fellow students and easier access to student services like the welfare team.

For Educators, this means connecting with every student in your class and creating a truly engaging learning experience with a casual and friendly atmosphere.

For Institutions, this means creating a digital campus where the sense of belonging decreases drop-off rates and allows to move away from a focus on physical buildings to a focus on distributed experiences.

Aula Platform

Who we are

We are a bunch of curious and silly-ambitious people who have set out to do our lives’ work. We work hard because we really care about what we do.

A video call with people in 9 different countries.

The team in sunny London HQ

Our engineers have previously lead teams that have built things like the Georgian version of Youtube with 2.5 million monthly unique viewers) and a novel way to share and view 3D medical images (TissueStack). They work remotely from all around the world (France, Pakistan, Georgia, Sweden, USA…).

You’ll be working closely with Adrian, co-founder and CPO, Oliver, Co-founder and CTO, Erd, senior product designer, and tech leads so we thought we’d put a face on them.

Adrian – Having fun

Oliver, before a dramatic haircut

Erd – On his first week @Aula

Where we are

We started working on this problem in 2016 and launched our institutional product in September 2017. We’re currently working with 7 institutions proving our core ‘conversational hypothesis’, demonstrating that a conversational platform can make teaching and learning more engaging and save educators time. We are currently 30 people (11 nationalities!).

The main thing we are now proving is that we can enable institution-wide behaviour change (think 50,000 students and 4,000 educators) to really affect institutions’ KPIs: a Herculean ‘change management’ task for core public infrastructure.

Read more about how we plan to put our recent $4.2m investment to work here.

The role: Product Manager

We’re at a turning point when it comes to product management and strategy at Aula: our co-founder and CPO Adrian has been the sole product person until October 2018 and we’re now at a point where we can start structuring teams around specific areas of the platform.

We’re looking for an experienced product manager that will set the path for product management at Aula. You will have the opportunity to shape how product management is done, and set-up for success all future product team members.

Working as a duo with a tech lead, you will own together one or several product areas and you’ll be able to work closely with engineers, designers and our CPO to determine the next steps for that product area.

UX, tech and management. You have a background in one of them and you are passionate about all three.

You are driven by building software as a team and you understand your own limitations. You are not a solo-player. You give feedback to your team, you seek out feedback, you are self-aware, you give space, and you see your ultimate goal as building a product that changes how students and educators teach and learn.

→ A bit more about what you will be building: We are replacing core teaching and learning infrastructure at universities and therefore Aula is not simply chat in the classroom, it’s a learning platform that allows whole institutions to provide an engaging educational experience. You will find yourself building assessment solutions, slack-like communication UIs, a modular editor powered by integrations with educational tools, or the collaborative experience that powers every classroom on Aula


Personal development is part of being ‘a high performer’. You’re supported in, and accountable for, your personal growth. You set the direction. – Shared ownership: Joining the Aula journey means you will own part of the company. – Free lunch: We have shared lunches (here’s an example from our office rooftop!). – Technology: Get hooked up with the technology you need to do your best work. – Free books: Whatever you want to read. – Family leave: We offer enhanced family leave and pay – and a commitment to open, continuous communication. – Flexible working: We’re flexible about when and where you work

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