Front-End Engineer

Betterteam · Jan 25th 2019

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Headquarters: Chicago, IL URL:

Founded by a serial entrepreneur whose last startup raised over $100m, has 500 employees and over 100,000 customers, Betterteam is a recruiting platform for small businesses worldwide.

Whilst the platform we are building will look simple and easy to use, under-the-hood we want to maintain an extremely high level of technical excellence. The work you do here will be something you can be proud of and would be happy to demonstrate at technical meetups and conferences.

We are a distributed company with all staff working remote and plan to stay that way. Our backend devs are in Japan and Australia and our founder is based in Sydney.

What will you do all day?

You'll be working directly with the founders of the business and a small team of engineers to grow the frontend for a web based SaaS product that helps growing businesses recruit better people. You'll be responsible for new features in the frontend, ongoing maintenance, and frontend testing automation. You will have a large amount of autonomy to build an incredibly simple, yet powerful user experience.

We're looking for someone who has an eye for detail, loves minimal, clean, simple, and believes less is more. Ideally this person will have Ember experience. However, we are also interested in talking to people with a strong javascript background and background with other similar frameworks.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Deep experience building web apps/SaaS products, not just websites.
  • Moderate experience with Ember or comparable SPA frameworks.
  • Good at spotting UX issues very early in the process.
  • Already working remotely and have done so for some time.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Are fast, yet able to still maintain quality.
  • Don't suffer from "not invented here" syndrome.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be able to create and diagnose native JS if needed.
  • Regularly refactor code and improve the test suite.
  • Pay attention to performance and code payload size.
  • Be comfortable with typed languages such as Typescript, Purescript, etc.
  • Have at least basic familiarity with functional programming.

Our Stack:

  • Haskell as our primary server language.
  • Ember as our primary frontend framework.
  • PostgreSQL / Redis for storage.
  • Kubernetes on Google Cloud.

To apply:

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