Ruby on Rails Developer

Blender Market · Jan 21st 2019

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Ruby on Rails Developer for

What is the job?

Your job will be to develop new functionality, maintain the current system, and improve upon the existing experience. The work you do will directly impact product designers and creators ability to sell their products and grow their businesses on the Blender Market.

You will be developing integrations with Stripe, Intercom, Zapier, and Braintree. You'll have a hand in designing and building APIs for external developers to build upon, helping to grow the Blender Market further than we can do alone.

You will be working with our small team to create experiences that delight customers and Creators alike, bringing real value to their lives and businesses.

Who are you?

As a small team it's vitally important that you mesh well with the rest of the crew, but we are not interested in clones or yes-men. We want someone that is thoughtful, kind, empathetic, and someone that's willing to ask why while challenging the status quo.

You should be an independent thinker, self-motivated, and most importantly you should care deeply about people and the mark we leave in our wake.

Who are we?

The Blender Market is the only marketplace dedicated to Blender artists and developers, enabling creators to sell add-ons, shaders, models, and other assets for Blender, the open source 3D animation suite.

The Blender Market was started and is run by CG Cookie, a 3D Animation and Game Development training company that's been making video training more fun since 2010.

We are a small and fully remote team of creative and independent people that prefer slow and steady, sustainable to explosive, calm to chaos, fairness to winning, autonomy to dependence. As a team, we're made up of runners and rock climbers, cyclists and bikers, artists and programmers, explorers and painters, bakers and brewers.

It is not our aim to be the next unicorn or tech star; we're here to make a meaningful impact on our team's and customer's lives.

What's the experience needed?

Like any other programming job, we need someone with a solid grasp of good programming techniques and practices with Ruby on Rails. More importantly, though, we need someone that gets e-commerce for digital products.

Experience with Rails and Stripe PayPal are required. For other services, we're happy to invest time in getting you up to speed on these systems; what we can't do is teach character, creativity or reliability.

Key skills and platform experience:

  1. Ruby on Rails for the full backend
  2. AWS with S3 and Cloudfront for file handling
  3. SideKiq for async jobs
  4. Stripe and PayPal for payments and payouts
  5. Mailgun for email processing
  6. GitHub for code repositories and issue tracking

Bonus skills:

  1. Blender and it's Python API for Creator product development
  2. Front end work with Bootstrap and
  3. Intercom API for customer and Creator support
  4. TaxJar for sale tax calculations and reporting
  5. Mailchimp, Drip, Zapier, and other popular tools

How about the benefits?

  • Live where you like, work remotely.
  • 32 hour work week; Fridays optional
  • 12 days paid time off, in addition to a handful of personal days as needed
  • 100% medical, vision, and dental covered
  • 401k retirement plan
  • 529 College Savings plan for parents
  • Employee profit sharing plan, kicks in after one year

To apply:

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