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BBE Marketing · Jan 17th 2019

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BBE Marketing is seeking a Research Engineer to help us in building our database, data architecture, and pipelines that power our business. In this role, you will be collaborating with other research engineers to research data, and verify data in our database.

We are looking for applicants worldwide.

We start everyone off on a 3 month trial to see if you would be a good fit for the team. After 3 months, you will be brought onto our team and eligible for benefits.

When applying for the job, please include a cover letter detailing why you believe you would be a good fit along with your resume of past experience.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Research contact information utilizing different tools Create and manage guides for different tasks Perform market research Answer customer service emails Upload blog posts Create and optimize processes for different tasks Verify and perform quality control on the data in our database Collaborate with other team members in meeting goals

Requirements & Qualifications: Excellent time management skills Very Strong Attention To Detail Solid organizational skills Strong writing abilities Ability to work effectively within a team. Strong work ethic (you will be required to work 50+ hours some weeks) Need to be available to respond to inquiries outside of hours Courage to give honest feedback and also take honest feedback Take ownership, and come up with ideas to improve our company Take time to learn about our industry, customers, and our partners You are thoughtful and clear in your writing. You have strong problem solving skills and critical thinking abilities

Benefits of Position: Paid Training

Unlimited Paid Time-Off

Paid Education Yearly Team Trip (last year was Barcelona!)

About BBE Marketing:

BBE Marketing provides products services that connect businesses with celebrities. Our mission is to make it easier for businesses to connect with celebrities. With our products and services, we cut out the middleman, and save our thousands of customers time and money.

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