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Dribbble · Jan 17th 2019

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About the role:

Our small team of developers is already happily doing great work. We're looking for a Full Stack Rails Engineer to join the fun and help us continue to grow.

We use a few different frameworks and technologies, but the crucial areas where a candidate needs significant skill and experience are:

  • RubyRails

  • Postgres[ql]

  • JavaScript

As a Full Stack Engineer, you'll be responsible for helping maintain a web application that supports millions of visitors each month and has wide visibility in the web industry. Product ownership, feature development, bug fixing, testing, caching, scaling, and performance should all be familiar concepts that you've addressed in your applications. You should be able to work independently (though we collaborate continuously) and thrive on identifying, as well as solving, problems. We like to think we're always helping each other improve, so we want someone who loves being part of a team.

  • Significant experience building applications with Ruby on Rails
  • Excellent relational database skills, knowledge of SQL, and the ability to use PostgreSQL explain plans to optimize queries
  • Experience with Memcached, Redis, and/or Elasticsearch
  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Sass
  • Strong understanding of REST and URL design
  • Experience using and building APIs
  • Experience building and optimizing activity streams would be a plus
  • Love of writing tests
  • Passion for always improving (yourself, the app, the company, etc.)
Our tech stack:
  • AWS/S3/Fastly
  • Nginx/Unicorn (Puma soon, we swear!)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sass
  • PostgreSQL
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
How we roll:
  • Our development process is very lightweight: We define work items as GitHub issues, practice GitHub Flow, and ship continuously.
  • Most of our team communication happens through:
  • Slack
  • GitHub issues and pull requests
  • Weekly video team meetings & brief standups
  • Semi-Annual in-person company gatherings and occasional travel to software conferences and/or Dribbble meetups
Some things we value highly are:
  • Collegiality and good humor
  • Testing
  • Writing skills
  • Working asynchronously
  • Zero BS
  • Puns (well, most of us)
  • Sustainability

We encourage you to apply if you have any combination of the listed skills and this sounds like a job you'll love.

To apply:

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