Software Developer / "Trucker"

Data Driven Safety, LLC · Jan 16th 2019

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Needed yesterday: A competent (read: excellent) developer who truly enjoys solving complex scripting challenges with efficiency and precision. We're looking for people who love to tinker with computers (hardware and software), who work with text terminals all the time (and prefer it!), and who work well with limited management (i.e., take initiative). People who like to track down problems hidden in haystacks and solve them with solutions that prevent that category of problems in the future. Does this describe you?

Skills & Requirements

  • enough experience to dive in quickly and be up-to-speed quickly
  • ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously
  • strong coding skills, of course (essential familiarity: ruby, bash; very helpful: mechanize, xpath, text processing; extras: perl, lua, mysql)
  • self-motivated and objective-based (we don't care about face time)
  • Debian or Ubuntu experience is very helpful; working in Linux essential

Additional Details

Work remotely from anywhere (many employees do so full-time, others on occasion), in-person sometimes in Los Angeles, or on-site in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Looking for mid-level, but will consider junior and senior level as well, as long as you have been coding as a hobby for a long time (in the case of the former), and aren't stuck in your ways (in the case of the latter).

Challenging, but supportive environment with a fun team that knows how to balance life and work.

Full-time. Competitive compensation. Planning to hire immediately.

No recruiters please.

About Data Driven Safety

How DDS is described by our employees: "No bs, no corporate politics, no dress code, financially-secure company, flexible work schedules, objective-based approach, employees all over the world, telecommuting is as normal as on-site, love what I do (at least most days), ... what did you want me to say again?"

DDS is a small company with a close-knit employee group. We have maintained a nearly 100% client and employee retention rate. We offer competitive salary and benefit packages to smart, loyal, creative thinkers that excel at problem solving.

DDS collects public record data (e.g., arrest, crash, judicial, etc.) directly from thousands of governmental agencies. This information fuels a number of unique services that are utilized nationally by large and small corporations, a state risk pool, municipalities, educational institutions, hospital systems and insurance underwriters. Our only publicly marketed service is Envision, a comprehensive driver improvement platform. However, most of our growth during the past several years has been driven by a set of predictive underwriting, fraud prevention and claims management services that were created at the request of our customers in the automotive and health care industries.

Data Driven Safety, LLC is dedicated to improving public safety. We have been in existence since 2009 and are owned through the Graham Group, a billion-dollar investment vehicle.

Job Perks: Odd hours celebrated; anywhere in the world acceptable. If you decide to work from our Huntersville office, there's a Jimmy John's right outside. And to eat what you find there, we have a large, private, outdoor patio. Before and after, have some decent espresso (well, iperEspresso) in the kitchen.

Apply: Please include, in your first message, the phrase, "my favorite color is [color]", replacing [color] with any color (doesn't actually have to be your favorite, if that's a secret. Also, find and report the error in the previous sentence. No phone calls or recruiters, thanks.

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