Sales and Support Engineer

DreamFactory Software, Inc · Jan 10th 2019

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Do you love talking to fellow techies, helping others troubleshoot problems, creating fun and applicable proofs of concept, and generally evangelizing about technology? If so, DreamFactory Software, Inc., the company behind the popular namesake API automation and management platform, wants you to join our team!

This 100% remote position (except for the occasional trip to Las Vegas for team meetings) will play a key role in the following tasks:

  • Platform demonstrations and technical Q&A during customer sales calls

  • Work with our support team to assist customers in resolution of technical issues

  • Creation of proofs of concept demonstrating platform capabilities

  • Creation of downloadable demo applications used for learning purposes

  • Blogging about new and interesting platform features on company blog

This is a fast-paced role, and you'll be working with a fun, highly motivated team.

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