Hulkshare · Dec 12th 2018

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Looking for a self motivated developer with the passion for research and development. This position is tailored to the individual who has trouble falling asleep until he solves a problem. This person has a non stop stream of questions running through his mind of how to solve problems and improve. This person has an unquenchable thirst to find answers to the problems. This professional will also be responsible for integrating the fruits of his research, an see his creation come to life.

This position will require a gifted developer to be relentless in research and development of an SEO strategy. This individual needs to be lividin his/her drive to be on top of every google update. This person needs to eat, sleep and poop google. Are our pages easy to crawl, is our page structure optimal, do we need to translate to more languages, why are our competitors ranking higher so on and so forth.

Your qualification:

  • 5+ years experience in SEO optimization and pushing sites to the top positions (Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo)
  • experience with pushing content to the top in Google Video and Google Images
  • ability to write
  • knowledge of the different marketing and analytic tools

What you’ll do:

  • prepare and execute a strategy to push our video and image portals in the Google Video and Google Images
  • analyze competitors
  • watching for Google news and patches
  • find problems with existing SEO
  • write SEO-oriented description and keywords
  • analyze behavior factors
  • preparing technical tasks for developers and copywriters

How should you apply for this job?

  • Please state on the mail subject the job position you are applying for!
  • Only applications written in English and Russian are going to be processed!
  • This job capacity is for a full time position. You will be required to work exclusively for for us!
  • Our Office is in Prague and you will be expected to work with the time on location.

Please send your applications to jobs at Cvedia dot com



Требуется инициативный специалист со страстью к изучению тенденций и новых разработок в области SEO. Эта позиция идеально подойдет кандидату, который не сможет уснуть, пока не разрешит проблему. Человеку, в чьей голове постоянно идет поиск решения той или иной задачи. Специалисту, обладающему неутолимой жаждой к совершенству. Кандидат также будет отвечать за интеграцию плодов своей работы.

На данную позицию требуется талантливый специалист с неутолимой жаждой в исследовании и разработке стратегии SEO. Кандидат должен быть в курсе последних тенденций, жить гуглом, спать гуглом, есть гугл и даже какать гуглом. Проверять если наши страницы легко сканируются, оптимизирована ли структура, необходима ли мультиязычность, почему наши конкуренты индексируются выше и так далее.

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