Polyglot Engineer (Node, Go or Python) - Ripple - Blockchain Payment Solutions

Source Coders · Dec 3rd 2018

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Please note all applicants must be living and eligible to work in the USA.


  • Support our externally-facing data APIs and applications built on top of them

  • Build systems and services that abstract the engines and will allow the users to focus on business and application logic via higher level programming models

  • Improve and maintain data pipelines and tools to keep pace with the growth of our data and its consumers

  • Identify and analyze requirements and use cases from multiple internal teams (including finance, compliance, analytics, data science, and engineering); work with other technical leads to design solutions for the requirements


  • Polyglot Mindset - SWE one or more languages such as: (Node.js, Python, Go, Scala or C++)

  • Experience with distributed processing compute engines like AWS and/or GCP data ecosystems

  • Experience with Application development in a data driven environment

  • Experience building backend services and data pipelines

  • Familiarity with Unix-like operating systems

  • Experience with database internals, database language theories, database design, SQL and database programming

  • Familiarity with distributed ledger technology concepts and financial transaction/trading data

Apply on StackOverflow Careers