Solutions Architect

Citrusbyte · Dec 3rd 2018

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As Solutions Architect you see yourself as a maker and you are interested in all steps of the process, from understanding the challenge, to designing and developing a solution, to testing and deployment. You are a polyglot engineer with a hunger for learning new languages and tools. You easily understand algorithmic foundation of products, and be able to design and help implement solutions.

We deliver projects in languages including Ruby, C#, Java, Elixir, Node.js, Go, Python and Lua. We believe in always choosing the right tool for the job and we are very open minded about trying different technologies. You should always be able to answer the question: What have I learned this week?

You are smart, driven and talented. Tell us more about you!

Responsibilities and Duties

In this role, you will participate in the full lifecycle of application solution development for our clients with duties including but not limited to:

  • Technical Sales - Assisting the sales team with uncovering and understanding technical requirements and producing estimates and risk assessments

  • Project Kick-Start and Discovery - Become the domain expert for each new environment

  • Research and document existing infrastructure, systems, technologies, teams and in general all the information in order to ensure engineering team and project success

  • Validating integration points and technical hypotheses through prototyping, tech spikes, etc

  • Project Implementation

  • Lead the relationship with our client from the engineering side. Able to receive feedback about our engineering team directly and mediate if necessary when there are any conflicts.

  • Maintain a broad view - ensure that multiple projects across a single account adhere to consistent best practices, processes and technology stacks with an overall focus on usability, simplicity and quality.

  • Project Hand-Off duties including

  • Collaborate with the team to create a successful project hand-off plan.

  • Educate and train clients and stakeholders to maintain their new product

  • General Consulting

  • Day-to-day point of contact for all things technical with client stakeholders and client team

  • Continually educating client and client stakeholders about the benefits of our approach and process to software and solutions development.

Qualifications and Skills

  • 10+ years of experience in software engineering.

  • Over 5+ years of experience directly consulting with clients.

  • Experience working with distributed systems is a plus.

  • Must be eager to learn new languages and technologies.

  • Proficient and experienced with at least 3 programming languages; Ruby, Elixir, Go, Java, C# and Python are all a plus.

  • Strong experience designing and delivering features on both server and client sides of the development stack.

  • Experience with AWS, GCP, and Azure are a plus.

  • Experience working with Chef, Ansible, and other provisioning technologies is a plus.

  • BS of Computer Science or similar academic background is a plus

  • Demonstrates continuous learning and being up to date with modern technologies.

  • Experience working within Agile/Scrum teams

  • Demonstrates a strong preference for simplicity in all aspects of software development.

  • Excellent spoken and written English level.

  • Possess a strong and reliable internet connection.

  • Ability to travel and work on site for project kick-off and other times as necessary

You like to get the work done! You want to collaborate in a consultative environment and guide our clients in best practices in order to achieve great project success in addition to contributing to the growth of a great company. We want to know more about you!

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