Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Innovation Research Labs · Nov 15th 2018

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We now live in a world where we must ask hard questions about the technology we provide to corporations and governments, how that technology is used and how to deal with the inherent centralization of power that comes with machine based intelligence. We believe that a redesign of how we collect data, how we use that data and how we govern that data is required in order to make humans central to the solutions technology provides.

We are building an organization that is more akin to an ecosystem than a corporation, that addresses these problems with human­centric solutions that are open and open source. This new platform recognizes that data is a natural resource and gives each of us full autonomy over our data. We look for strong values driven people that share our vision.

Technical Area

  • Natural language processing techniques and information systems

  • Object detection in image/video/audio

  • Graph based neural network modeling

  • Distributed machine learning and differential privacy

  • Knowledge engineering

  • Both prototyping as well as production level implementations


We are looking for a full time Senior Machine Learning Engineer to join us, a diverse group of people with strong values. Applying emerging research and development that moves the state­of­the­art as we build our platform. We believe in growing engineers through ownership and leadership opportunities. As such you are responsible for defining your research goals within the context of our larger common goals. We all learn from each other, your mentorship and guidance within the team is key towards reaching their goals by applying your experience in all phases of the design and development process.

You will operate in a highly participatory democratic organization. We constantly work with many unknowns and you get a sense of purpose from applying your domain knowledge to ambiguous and novel situations. You can operate well in an open source environment and you have a good intuition for good research and how to turn that into successful products.


We are strongly values driven. We believe that this provides the structure to scale our organization, innovate our technology and attract top talent as we strive to change the world towards a better future. These values apply to how we work and the philosophy of the solutions we create.

Minimum Qualifications

  • More than five years of professional experience in engineering with a demonstrated track record of technical innovation and leading successful engineering teams

  • Software engineering experience in at least one of the following domain areas: NLP, Machine Learning, Knowledge engineering, information retrieval or virtual assistants

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ability to work effectively both independently and within a team

  • Experience providing guidance and leadership to technical teams

  • Structured and detail­ oriented approach, following rigorous scientific and engineering


  • Values driven and intrinsically motivated towards our goal of data sovereignty

  • Comfortable collaborating with geographically dispersed teams

  • Strong drive to solve problems that drive change based on engineering excellence

  • Stay ahead of the technology curve, in tune with relevant research, trends and the

competitive landscape

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