Piracy Data Analyst

Takedown Digital, LLC · Nov 5th 2018

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Note: This position will only work about 1-4 hours per month. The hours might increase in the future if desired.

The Piracy Data Analyst is a generally awesome individual who creates and manages reports in Google Sheets, reviews data for accuracy and quality, and emails reports to clients on a recurring schedule. This is a very small and relaxed organization.

  • This role is for an independent contractor (a contractor is not an employee, does not receive benefits of any kind, and will be paid a flat hourly rate with no taxes withheld, so please be sure you're familiar with independent contractor rules and regulations in your locale)
  • Requires spreadsheet skills (see “Required skills” and “Sample task” below for details)
  • Remote (you’ll need your own computer and internet connection)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Requires signing a non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement, work contract, tracking time and sending invoices for compensation, etc.
  • $12 USD per hour
  • Our clientele includes producers of explicit content that sometimes involves taboo subject matter (BDSM, kink, fetishism, etc.) so you will need to be cool with that


Spreadsheet operations, data quality control, sending reports. We don’t micromanage, so ownership and conscientiousness are important. That said, we’re happy to support you whenever you’d like help with a technical or philosophical question.

Required skills:

We appreciate creativity, so we’re open to your suggestions about how to do what we do better.

  • English fluency

  • Working with spreadsheet data

  • Sorting

  • Filtering

  • Performing basic arithmetic in the correct order of operations

  • Writing and debugging formulas

  • Conditional formatting

  • Data validation

  • Cross-checking lists

  • Finding and removing duplicate data

  • Creating charts

  • Creating pivot tables

  • Using Google Sheets add-ons when appropriate

  • Checking for errors and omissions (very important)

  • Emailing reports to clients (we will provide you with a company email account to use)

  • Other related activities


The hours are somewhat flexible. For example, you may have one hour of work to do and a day or so to do it in per month. The work will usually need to be done around the end and/or beginning of each month. No time zone restrictions.


Anywhere with reliable internet access. As a remote independent contractor, you will need to supply your own computer equipment and internet connection and work independently.

What to expect after you apply:

We won’t respond to all applications but if we’d like to speak with you further, you’ll most likely hear from us within a month.

Sample task:

Below is a timed task meant to assess your aptitude for the work. It involves starting with dummy data in a spreadsheet, adding data, modifying the data and sheet, and visualizing the data. If you can complete it in twenty minutes or less, please record a screencast of yourself performing the task and send it with your resume, cover letter, or both to gigs@takedown.digital.

  • Create a copy of this Google spreadsheet.

  • Rename the copy with the current month and year

  • Clip all text that’s longer than the default column width

  • Freeze the top row

  • Add filters to each column

  • Add a formula in column B (“Domain”) that extracts the top-level domain from each entry in the URL column (feel free to Google this rather than writing the formula from scratch; if it works, it works)

  • Add data validation to the “Tube or Torrent” column so that only “Tube” or “Torrent” can be entered

  • Randomly populate that column with a mixture of Tube and Torrent for all links in the spreadsheet (none of them are actually tube or torrent, so you can just make this up)

  • Add the word Yes to half of the cells in the “Notice sent?” column

  • Add random dates to the “Date notice sent?” column and choose a date format for the column

  • Randomly populate the “Content removed?” column with either yes or no for each cell

  • Add the word “Yes” to 20% of the cells in the “Escalated?” column

  • Add a tab to the spreadsheet called "Summary"

  • On the Summary tab, create three dynamic pie charts to show: 1) the number and percentage of links that have a “Yes” and “No” in the “Notice sent?” column, 2) the number and percentage of links that have a “Yes” and “No” in the “Content removed?” column, 3) the number and percentage of links that are Tube versus Torrent

  • Create a dynamic bar graph to show the number and percentage of links from the ten domains with the greatest number of links

  • Add a dynamic summary table showing all of the above data in text format, without visualization, using calculations to populate the data from the spreadsheet automatically

  • Give gigs@takedown.digital comment-level access to the spreadsheet without sending an access notification

  • Add all three pie charts, the bar graph, and the summary table into your application email

  • Include a link to the spreadsheet in your email

  • Have a great day!

To apply: Send the screencast and reports along with your resume, cover letter, or both to gigs@takedown.digital.

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