Senior Digital Strategist

Hirsh Marketing · Oct 17th 2018

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Headquarters: Remote URL:

Position: Senior Digital Strategist

Department: Advertising

Reports to: CEO


The Senior Digital Strategist will be leading a team of ads managers at Hirsh Marketing. Key aspects of the role include defining and implementing client success strategies, managing and mentoring a team of Ads Managers, leading internal meetings within the advertising division and leading/assisting on client strategy calls. A well-rounded leader and expert, the Senior Digital Strategist will possess extensive digital advertising know-how as well as process-driven operational leadership skills.


  • Communicate and assist your team of ads manager with all of their problem client accounts
  • Troubleshoot and strategize with ads managers when necessary on client accounts that are struggling
  • Approve and oversee team client emails and reports as needed
  • Respond to client emails with expert level support as needed
  • Hire & train using our training program new ads managers as needed
  • Assist and perform client strategy and check-in calls
  • Stay abreast of changing programmatic marketplace and landscape for Facebook.
  • Perform a weekly check-in on client accounts you’re ads managers are overseeing
  • Help the team troubleshoot client or tech issues when necessary
  • Cover for an ads manager on the rare occasion they are sick or on vacation
  • Provide an extra level of support for the ads managers on the team
  • Work with the ads team to bring creative and innovative ideas to client accounts as needed


  • Increased client results because of a second person with eyes on their account, who has an extremely high-level strategy.
  • Increased client retention rate.
  • Increased team momentum and productivity.
  • Increased confidence in the ads team with the extra support and attention being put into their clients and work
  • Decreased time the CEO has to spend on client accounts or communicating with clients.
  • Increased level of space between CEO and client issues/communication


  • North American time zone ONLY
  • Expert level Facebook ad and advertising / digital marketing strategy knowledge
  • 40 hours+ / week available to EH Inc Team
  • Ability to lead and manage internal team members
  • Ability to be on all of the team strategic meetings
  • Attention to detail
  • Superb communication skills
  • Ability to take initiative and always be looking at how they can better lead their team
  • Excellent internet access with a quiet appropriate space for client & team meetings


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