General Product Manager

Zinc · Oct 16th 2018

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA URL:

Zinc is hiring a General Product Manager for JoeLister, our super easy eBay/Amazon multi-channel selling tool. This is a very unique role: the GPM will have complete ownership over nearly all aspects of the JoeLister product. You will be leading a team of three: you, an engineer, and a support representative. You will be expected to:

  • Frequently chat and email with customers and prospective customers
  • Set the engineering agenda. Specify bugs and feature requests for the JoeLister engineer.
  • Occasionally launch marketing campaigns.
  • Regularly meet with the JoeLister support representative to improve customer support and incorporate feedback from support into the engineering agenda.
  • Take responsibility for the P&L of JoeLister. You will report to the core Zinc team, who will also be able to provide additional resources and assistance at your request.

This is a fantastic role for a generalist interested in entrepreneurship. You will learn everything needed to run and grow a profitable SaaS product.

To apply: Send a resume to

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