OSS Senior Rails Developer For Solidus

NEBULAB · Oct 4th 2018

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[Nebulab](https://nebulab.it/ "Nebulab Website") is looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails Developer to work full-time on [Solidus](https://solidus.io/ "Solidus Website"), the best OSS Rails eCommerce platform.

You'll be focusing full-time on an opensource project as one of the lead maintainers. You'll analyze, discuss and code every day to make Solidus better, faster, stronger.

What you'll do

  • meet with the Solidus core team to give project direction

  • make pull requests to Solidus to maintain and improve the project

  • write clean, high quality code with specs and no deadlines

  • have daily conversations with the rest of the [core team](https://solidus.io/developers/ "Solidus core team") and one video meeting per week to coordinate work

  • explore our private projects to find where Solidus is used and how it could be improved

  • re-write Solidus' API with GraphQL

  • refactor existing code to use a modular approach, so that Solidus can be used with other platforms, like Hanami or Sinatra

Who you'll work with

You'll work along two separate teams, mainly on Slack:

  • Nebulab: a team of warm Italians that love coding, quality and good food. Have a look at [the team](https://nebulab.it/about-us/ "Nebulab Team")

  • Solidus: interact with the community of 2k developers hanging out on the Slack channel. Once a year meet the people in person during Solidus Conf

You'll also end up interacting with our clients to find out what are Solidus best and worst features.

Required skills

  • Ruby on Rails

  • RSpec

  • git

  • GitHub

  • good English

  • soft skills

Good to have skills

  • Hanami

  • GraphQL

  • React

  • Backbone

  • GitHub contributions

  • Italian

What we offer

  • 100% Remote work: You can work from one of our beautiful offices in Italy or remotely, as much as you want

  • Paid retreats: We get together twice a year to work on our own projects, bond and chill out!

  • Cheerful environment: You’ll be surrounded by people who love what they do and have a good time while doing it

  • Top-notch equipment: We will provide whatever hardware (Macbook Pro, Bose or Sony noise canceling headphones and LG 4K monitor) and software you need in order to do your very best work

  • Study Fridays: We only work for clients 4 days a week. Friday is dedicated to personal growth and demos!

  • Paid conferences: Want to attend that conference? Let us know and we’ll pay for the trip, accommodation, and tickets

  • Educational budget: We provide a budget for books, courses and anything else that will help you hone your skills

  • Competitive salary: We believe in compensating people fairly, so we offer salaries amongst the best you can find

  • Flexible work hours: As long as you’re doing great work, we really don’t mind if it’s a regular 9-to-5 or something else

  • Mentoring: You’ll have a dedicated mentor who’ll cheer for you as well as make sure you never stop growing

What to expect at the job interview

We'll take a look at your CV and GitHub profile. If you have some code snippets or projects you're really proud of please send them our way so we can take a look at the code. We'll then have a call to meet and discuss your general interests, the stuff you've done in the past and what your ideal work day is like.

After the call we'll give you a Solidus pull request to work on (off-call). We expect you to send us a report after the PR is completed: things you liked, things you didn't, suggestions and how you got to the solution.

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