Senior Software Engineer (Javascript)

Sitemate · Oct 3rd 2018

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Headquarters: Sydney URL:

As a full-time team member, you will be leading the growth of Dashpivot as the #1 analytics platform for industrial organisations around the world.

You will be working closely with other Senior Engineering team members, as well as the founders in Product Management and UIUX design.

Working in an agile team, you will have direct influence on the product roadmap and technologies used to accomplish our mission.


5+ years of full-stack development, or in a similar role.

You are experienced with modern JS development practices and frameworks.

You’ve worked on JS projects at scale and feel confident solving complex problems.

Excellent background in data structures, design patterns, and modern programming practices with more than 3 years experience.

Experience with Node.js.

Experience building and scaling web applications.

Quality isn’t something that happens after you’re done, it’s built into your work from the start.

You won’t spend 6 months blaming legacy code - things are never built perfectly in a startup, improvements are constant.

Strong communicator and fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills.



No one will be, or has time to track your working hours. We offer ownership in Sitemate via our Employee Option Plan, and accordingly place a lot of trust in our team members. We are looking for people who want to transform the largest industries in the world and are excited to bring technology to people that have never had it in their working lives.


We offer ownership in Sitemate via our Employee Option Plan - we believe that everyone is a part of this journey and should share in our growth personally.

To apply: Send an email with the following: Email title: $Name - weworkremotely application Content: Resume + additional notes To

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