DevOps Engineer

Diamond · Sep 14th 2018

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The DevOps Engineer will work with development teams and other stakeholders to build and deploy applications. This includes overseeing the build-out of environments, deployment scripts, and processes. The ideal DevOps Engineer has experience in running automated production infrastructure in the cloud, such as AWS.


Our ideal DevOps Engineer has experience in:

  • Building, running, and maintaining AWS and related cloud infrastructure

  • Containers and complementary technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)

  • Running and maintaining automated CI/CD pipeline (Travis, Circle, Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline)

  • Configuration management tools (Salt, Ansible, Puppet, Chef)

  • Infrastructure as code (Terraform, Cloudformation)

  • Building and deploying Serverless applications (Lambda, API Gateway, VPC setup)

  • Secrets management (Vault, KMS)

  • Relational and NoSQL databases

  • Git/GitHub version control tools

  • Alert and trend monitoring software

Additionally the ideal candidate will have:

  • Deep knowledge and extensive experience with infrastructure engineering technologies, especially firewalls, load balancers, storage, monitoring, security, etc.

  • Ability to analyze and articulate pros and cons when making certain cloud and infrastructure decisions

  • Experience in an Agile/Scrum environment

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