SUSE Labs Project Manager

SUSE · Sep 14th 2018

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In this role, you will be responsible for the deliverables of the SUSE Labs department. You will work closely with the team leads, release managers and product managers. You will be the primary point of contact for the peers from the other departments and inbound product management.

The deliverables include eg. final software packages for SUSE's SLES releases, Labs product releases (SUSE Live Patching, SUSE Real Time, SUSE HPC) as well as smaller projects, such as statements of work (SOWs) from SUSE's partners.

Position Responsibilities

  • Work with Product Management on evaluating and planning features and resources for upcoming products and updates.

  • Manage and drive the delivery of high quality product components, together with other departments.

  • Shape internal Labs department tools and processes to achieve high quality, predictability and agility in delivery of components Labs is responsible for.

  • Build interfaces to other departments both on peer and vertical level, suprervising and coordinating development by external teams.

  • Together with all stakeholders, bridge the gap between requests, business needs, and technology. You will help the less technical stakeholders understand the benefits of innovative approaches.

  • Act as a primary point of contact for the statements of work with our partners.

Required Skills and Experience

  • At least 5 years experience in highly skilled engineering teams.

  • Management experience including the management of remote and distributed organizations.

  • Excellent grasp of Open Source Culture and Linux, and strong understanding of the three main areas of the Labs: Kernel, Samba and toolchain.

  • Passion for your ideas, yet the ability to stay calm in charged situations.

  • Establish credibility with smart engineers quickly, and to foster constructive discussion effectively in challenging environments.

  • The ability to bridge the gap between user, business, and geek language.

  • Strong dedication to customer requirements and business perspective.

  • Desire and skill to work across organizational boundaries, both within and outside.

  • Good to excellent written and spoken English.

  • Project management and leadership skills a plus.

  • Willingness to travel to conferences and meetings.


The position is not tied to a specific location. You report directly to the department leader SUSE Labs.

Competency Model

The position is planned for the competency level Specialist or higher.

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