Scheduling / Optimization Programmer

GotSoccer, LLC · Sep 12th 2018

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Headquarters: Neptune Beach, FL URL:

GotSoccer is the leader in both youth and professional soccer scheduling, registration, and league management tools. We have been providing solutions to all areas of soccer in the US since 2003, and now schedule the majority of the major professional soccer leagues world wide.

We are expanding our team of scheduling experts and are looking for a programmer experienced with CPLEX, FICO Xpress, or similar. You will be working with a small but diverse team of very talented developers and sports scheduling experts. Some familiarity with league scheduling is of course preferred. However if you are proficient with optimization, please contact us so we can speak to you and determine whether this is a good fit.

Initial terms are up to 4 weeks as an independent contractor (hourly) with a full time salaried position available after that.

To apply: Send your resume to

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