Rails Engineer

User Interviews · Sep 10th 2018

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Headquarters: Boston, MA URL: https://www.userinterviews.com

We're looking for someone who wants to be the 4th engineer at a rapidly growing, seed-funded company. “Rapid prototyping.” “Design sprints.” “User centric.” I’m sure you’re familiar with these terms. They’re supposed to help companies build things faster. The thing is: they don’t work if the user research process is too slow. We’re solving that problem.

Our team has three engineers, and we are looking to grow. We are looking for someone who has plenty of experience with Rails and can help us make the most of the technology that is the backbone of our platform. We would expect this person to be able to take a leadership role when it comes to Rails.

Our stack starts with Ruby on Rails with a Postgres database hosted on Heroku. We use Resque with Redis for background job processing. React is used where needed and we are looking to use it more. We have recently started using Webpacker to manage our Javascript and CSS, but we use the asset pipeline on some pages. In both cases, we are using Bootstrap for basic layout concerns as well as SASS to help manage our CSS. We leverage RSpec for unit testing our Rails app.

To apply: Send a resume to bob@userinterviews.com

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