Senior QA Engineer

Modus Create · Sep 6th 2018

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Are you ready to build great mobile and web-based applications and lead global teams with some of the brightest thought leaders, designers and technologists?

As our QA Automation Engineer, you are capable of working on a variety of development projects regardless of type and level of complexity. Whether you are on a project with no test framework or one with thousands of test cases already in place, you can provide complete and effective test strategies for the team.

This role may be performed from a remote location and is estimated to require an effort of 40 hours per week. In this position, you must be willing to co-work the hours of 9 AM - 1 PM EST.

Your Duties

  • Implement automation test solutions with our team working on a web app and microservice platform used in the Financial space
  • Collaborate daily on a distributed, cross functional agile team located around the world
  • Develop test strategies and POCs for our client
  • Train clients on new tools and systems
  • Collaborate daily with UX, Engineering, and DevOps to test and deliver an intuitive, highly visible web app
  • Consult to our end client regarding development best practices

Required Experience

  • Have at least 2-5 years of experience working in Automation QA
  • Designing test plans and processes for new products
  • Mobile, mobile web and desktop web-based applications
  • Automated functional testing with Selenium Webdriver similar systems
  • TDD or BDD practices and their associated frameworks like CodeCeption, Jasmine, Mocha, Cucumber. Experience with CodeCeption is Preferred
  • Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI or comparable continuous integration systems
  • Experience with Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python or other comparable languages. Experience with PHP is highly preferred.
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform testing with BrowserStack
  • Experience with unit testing with PHP Unit
  • Experience using Test Rail for test case management
  • Experience with JIRA bug tracking system
  • Working in Agile and/or Kanban environments
  • Previous experience working as a consultant

Highly qualified candidates will have

  • Concise written and verbal communication skills for documenting bugs and test plans
  • Track record of active participation and contributions to the testing community (Stack Overflow, QA/ automation framework forums, Meetup groups, blogging, Twitter)
  • Familiarity with database systems, both SQL and NoSQL (For example, MySQL and MongoDB)
  • Prior experience with setting up and installing VMs
  • Grasp of the command line and scripting languages (like Bash and Powershell)
  • Firm understanding of application development and the testing pyramid (UI, Service, Unit)
  • Knowledge of utilizing Docker for testing
  • Experience with API testing

Let’s Talk about You

You value outcomes above all else: You have a proven track record shipping great mobile and web products. By understanding the big picture, you articulate strategy and vision with strong written and verbal communication.

You Lead by Doing: You realize that the big picture is worthless without getting your hands dirty in the technical details for strategic and tactical problem solving. You understand the value of situational leadership and can adapt to the needs and strength of your team.

You Love Work, Growth and Learning: You dream of working in a culture that values hard work, continued learning and innovation with a commitment to building amazing products for clients and their end users. You’ll stop learning when you are dead, and until then you desire to gain deeper knowledge in technology and business.

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