Software Engineer

Passel · Sep 1st 2018

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Headquarters: New Jersey URL:

We are seeking a self-motivated, highly-skilled Software Engineer to jump in and help us maintain our Forcefield VPN application for Mac, Windows and Linux. Forcefield is our no-log VPN service designed to make privacy and security easy,

The project is a cross-platform desktop application written using Electron JS, but it requires a deep understanding of native development specifically for MacOS and Windows.

A firm understanding about how the NetworkExtension API works is crucial to this project.

About Passel:

Passel is a fast-growing company working to create innovative technologies that help protect our users rather than exploit them. Passel’s team members all work remotely. We believe in and foster an entrepreneurial, self-motivating work environment.

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Experience with OpenVPN and OpenWRT
  • Familiar with Strongswan
  • Knowledge of Electron and NodeJS
  • Experience with MacOS and Windows Development
  • Ability to write software documentation


  • Implementing new features for the VPN client
  • Fixing existing problems with the VPN client
  • Communicating problems and possible solutions with rest of the team
  • Handle projects on a tight deadline

Please send us a message describing why you are interested in working on Forcefield and what you feel you can bring to the Passel team. We are only accepting U.S. applicants at this time.

To apply: Send a resume to

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