Screencaster for WordPress Video Tutorials

Oxygen · Aug 17th 2018

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Headquarters: Hogsmeade Village URL:

We’re looking for someone that can create video tutorials for Oxygen (, our visual website design software for WordPress.

This position is fully remote and has flexible hours. Want to work for us full time? That's fine. Part time / contract? That's fine too. Your choice.

Requirement #1: Be a WordPress Expert

You have comprehensive WordPress knowledge.

While you aren’t necessarily a developer, you have vast experience building real world websites with WordPress.

Custom post types? WooCommerce? Gravity Forms? WP All Import? You know about that stuff.

If someone shows you a website and says “can you do this in WordPress?” you know the answer is yes, you know what plugins to use to make it happen, and you know how to make them all work together to get the desired result.

Requirement #2: Have Web Design Chops & Experience Using WYSIWYG Web Editors

You have experience using visual tools like Webflow, SquareSpace, Oxygen, Elementor, Beaver Builder, or other page builders.

You have at least basic HTML, CSS and JS knowledge.

You also have an eye for design. Oxygen is visual web design software. So whatever you make with it needs to look pretty.

You figure out how to do things in the simplest and most straightforward way possible. You don’t use more steps than necessary or find complicated solutions to simple problems.

Requirement #3: Able To Convey Knowledge With A Screencast

You know how to record your screen.

You know how to get good audio. You don’t have dogs barking in the background or hum from your refrigerator.

You can record a candid video tutorial in one or two takes. You don’t need 10 hours in the editing room, and you don’t need to splice 10 takes together.

Your voice is easy to understand. You speak candidly, clearly, confidently, and concisely, and with a little bit of charisma. (Good examples:, , .)

Your tutorials don’t include extra fluff and filler, but they don’t sound artificial either.

To apply: We’re looking to hire for this position immediately. Think you're a good fit? Email with the subject “Screencaster Position” and include links to at least one video tutorial / screencast you have recorded.

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