Senior back-end engineer

Phoenix Staff, Inc. · Aug 3rd 2018

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We are looking for two Node.js specific backend server developers (must have Node.js as well as AWS experience). We like someone who is currently dedicating at least 70% of their time on server work (not full-stack).

  • Ability to describe architecture, decision points, alternatives, roadmaps

  • Ability to troubleshoot performance issues

  • Strong AWS knowledge

  • Not looking for someone who has very strong opinions on the right way to do things; idealism could be cultural or client-challenge

  • Strong communication skills (will be in front of clients)

  • Building server applications using several different open-source stacks

  • Using containerization systems like Docker or Kubernetes

  • Using BaaS providers like Firebase or Heroku

  • Familiarity with modern front-end development

  • Integrating third-party systems: CRM, CMS, shopping carts, and payments

  • Broad architectural knowledge and experience: serverless, microservices, traditional server-based (monolithic) services

  • System monitoring and security design and implementation

This is for our client in Austin, but the person can work in a remote capacity as long as they work the same hours as the folk in Austin.

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