Outreach / Link-Building Specialist

Biteable · Aug 2nd 2018

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Headquarters: Melbourne URL: https://biteable.com

Hi there. Biteable here. Pleased to meet you. We’re on the hunt for an outreach specialist, a.k.a. link-building pro, to take our backlink profile up a notch. If you have a zest for one-on-one relationship building and a habit of building great links, you’ll want to read on.

All about you

You think big. Because it’s not your first time. You’ve done successful outreach on global campaigns before (and you liked it).

You’re not an agency. You do things yourself. You avoid the temptation to outsource. You like rolling your sleeves up and getting your hand dirty. You know that’s how quality links are built.

You’re a prospector. You know how to find and screen high-quality link opportunities. When you find a nugget of opportunity, you know how to mine it.

You’re a nerd. And not embarrassed about it. You have an excellent knowledge of all things internet and email.

You write good. Real good. English is your native language and you’re an excellent written communicator. One of your biggest strengths is your ability to convince others.

You get results. You’re not a mountain climber, but you love reaching the summit. You know from experience that the view is always better from the top.

You wear a white hat. There are no dirty tricks in your toolbox. You earn your links because you know that they’ll last the longest.

You work independently. But you’re still a team player. You lead yourself while adhering to team guidelines.

You like flexibility. After you’ve found your groove in a new role, you set your own work hours (within reason).

You speak (a little) SEO. You have a basic, or better, understanding of SEO and you know the importance of off-site signals.

You’re somewhere on this planet. Wherever you’re based, you’re happy to work with teams in Australia and across the globe. And you’re available between 10am - 5pm AEST.

All about the role

Your main focus will be reaching out to high-authority bloggers & websites to build quality links that lead the world to Biteable. Your tasks will be:

  • Identify high-authority, quality blogs
  • Reach out to targets using our outreach process
  • Analyse competitors and find new link opportunities
  • Maintain link diversity
  • Meet monthly minimum targets
  • Run Open-Rate and Success-Rate experiments and report on your learnings
  • Send weekly and monthly reports
  • Attend weekly catch-up calls between 10am and 5pm AEST
  • Proactively suggest process improvements and identify new opportunities

You’ll be working with Ahrefs and Buzzstream. Experience with these tools is preferred, but not essential. We’ve got your back.

You’ll start on 16 hours/week (preferably between 10am - 5pm AEST), with the expectation that you’ll set your own hours in the future.

All about us

We are Biteable, a tech start-up that makes (jaw-dropping) videos possible for everyone. We stand apart in our market thanks to our dedication to studio-quality content and our passion for simplicity.

Since our launch in 2014 we’ve:

  • Created a community of over 3 million users
  • Rendered 3.4 million videos (that’s about 2.4 million minutes back-to-back)
  • Raised $3.9 million in venture capital including a $2.8M round in Jan 2018

We’re growing fast and have offices in Melbourne and Hobart, Australia, with team members scattered around the world. We’re informal, structurally flat and fun to work with. Our biggest teams are engineering, studio, and marketing.

How to apply

Send us a written application with examples of (fantastic) links you’ve acquired for previous clients, and a brief explanation of the logic and processes behind them. The next step is a written challenge and a video interview. If all goes well, you’ll be the newest link in the Biteable marketing team.

To apply: jobs@biteable.com

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