Mobile Developer (Native & Javascript)

TripCraft · Aug 1st 2018

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Headquarters: Waltham MA

Looking for a contract developer (or contract-to-perm) with deep expertise in iOS and Android mobile development using both Native (Obj-C, Swift, Java) and Javascript (NativeScript) technologies.

We develop mobile applications and websites for travel and hotel companies. Recently we have been focusing more on reusability and cross-platform modules, and have been utilizing Javascript (React Native and Native Script) technologies to reduce development costs. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience in both iOS and Android platforms and a strong understanding of how best to use both Native and Javascript technologies for mobile apps.

All our solutions (apps & websites) are powered by our cloud platform built with RoR, PostgreSQL, JSON, and many AWS services.

You need to be a top-down thinker and developer to ensure what we produce is extensible, reusable, and scalable. You also need to be a great communicator and team player as you bridge the gap between cool designs, challenging requirements, and a growing code base. You also need to be a hands on Obj-C developer that can write code while keeping an eye on performance and architecture.

You must also be fluent in English and be able to work effectively as a remote developer during Eastern Time Zone business hours. We use Slack to maintain communication and understanding of project progress.


  • iOS Development using Obj-C and SWIFT
  • Android Development using Java
  • NativeScript
  • JSON and XML messaging
  • Slack


  • React, React native
  • Angular
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Jira
  • Bitbucket

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