Senior Linux Systems Engineer

Grey Swan · Aug 1st 2018

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We are looking for a hands-on Senior Linux Systems Engineer who works well with little supervision and no handholding. You will handle a variety of projects to install, configure, migrate, troubleshoot and maintain the organization's applications and networking systems. This position will eventually lead to a Director of IT position, but on day one you will be most of the IT department.

The company is a startup so the position is salary plus stock options.

Employment Type

Design, deploy and maintain applications and the underlying network to support an ultra-high performance financial system and own your design/implementation in a mutually respectful collaborative environment with a no-nonsense team.

Why This Position Should Interest You

We are working to make a significant change in an established industry which does not yet understand the potential of the area we are working on. We have assembled a highly experienced and senior team who is serious about working diligently to realize our vision. We love open source technologies and believe in managing and maintaining our own data centers. We are investing our time and money to push the limits of what is possible.

About Us

We are an innovative, regulated FinTech startup in stealth mode, building an institutional level risk transfer solution. We are a small group of senior-level engineers, financial traders, and entrepreneurs with well over 75 years of experience in startup ventures. We are working on a startup with both significant upside and extremely interesting engineering challenges that may include decentralized technology. We have invested a great deal of time in solving a large, global business problems and are now seeking technical expertise for design and implementation. About You

  • You really want to work in a startup environment with all the pluses and minuses that go along with it.

  • You love researching and troubleshooting unique IT problems.

  • You enjoy integrating two applications that have never been integrated before.

  • You are committed to documenting your work and sharing what you've discovered with others.

  • You are curious about what it would be like to work within a highly collaborative environment devoid of hierarchical constraints and political gameplaying

  • You are seeking intellectually challenging projects; solid technical & business teams; the freedom to create & influence elegant solutions that you can be proud of; and work without the gridlock typically associated with larger projects.

Your Role

  • Work remotely with a team across North America.

  • Design, integrate, migrate, configure, troubleshoot, deploy and maintain open source and custom applications.

  • Design, configure, deploy and maintain networking equipment including switches, routers and firewalls.

  • Quickly research and learn about new applications and apply what you've learned.

  • Participate in an ongoing conversation with other team members with the goal of creating the best design possible.

  • In the short term, review our existing infrastructure and develop/implement a plan to consolidate our systems and maximize efficiency.

  • In the long term, design the system architecture of high-performance systems.

  • Document everything in well thought-out requirements, design and operational support posts that clearly communicate essential information.

  • Overall, you will commit to operating within a collaborative framework of design, decision making and implementation.

Required Experience

  • Git

  • OpenVPN

  • OpenLDAP

  • Docker

  • LAMP (Linux administration)

  • Virtualization

  • Ubuntu

Helpful Experience

  • pfSense

  • OpenStack

  • Kubernetes

  • OpenRADIUS

  • Zimbra

  • Xenforo

  • Owncloud/Nextcloud

  • XWiki

  • Rocket Chat

Networking & Security Experience

Candidate must be able to demonstrate significant knowledge & experience in:

  • Creating highly detailed & professional diagrams representing network architectures.

  • Instituting network & application security.

  • Applying networking and security best practices.

  • Implementing and maintaining a network monitoring solution.

Critical Intangibles

  • When production systems go down, or needs to be deployed expeditiously, you take pride in your ability to work quickly, diligently and competently until critical systems that support staff, customers and partners, are online and functioning normally.

  • You follow a disciplined proven approach to troubleshooting rather than shoot-from-the-hip.

  • You prefer to find an elegant solution over an expedient one, but you also understand there are times when it is necessary to do the later and can choose which one most aptly suits the current business/technical demands.

  • You understand the word "ownership", and appreciate what accepting ownership means in the context of an IT department. Hence, you will not shy away from taking responsibility for the IT domain.


The candidate may work virtually for now, but ideally the candidate is willing to relocate to Austin, TX, where the engineering operations will be headquartered.

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