Machine Learning Engineer

Blue Orange Digital · Jul 17th 2018

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**** This is a remote position for US applicants only. ****

**** Due to legal requirements, no exceptions can be made. *****

Company Introduction

Founded by freelance engineers, Blue Orange Digital wanted to bring an engineering-first approach to the development agency model. We aim to work on projects that use the latest and greatest technologies. We care about the products we build and only work with clients that understand that good applications come from happy engineers. We are an entirely distributed team with members all across the US.

Job Description

Seeking an Experienced Machine Learning Engineer to working on a for hiring and talent mapping application. This application serves the financial services industry and we have a database of candidate information from across the industry. We’re looking tackle a number of different projects including a candidate recommendation engine based on job specification, keyword extraction for deriving structured data from free-form text**,** and sentiment analysis to reduce interview bias. This project is using data from our custom ETL so we have a lot of flexibility in providing data structures.

An ideal candidate should be a self-driven, experienced and detail focused. We have an AWS infrastructure engineer and a strong data engineer to support this project but applicants should be self-sufficient in provisioning and supporting resources for the project requirements.

  • In-depth knowledge of Statistical methods and Machine Learning Methods
  • Comfortable working with messy structured data sets and turning them into machine learning products
  • Experience with Spark
  • Familiar with Statistical, Machine Learning and Data Processing Libraries in Python or Scala
  • Experience with non-structured data, signal data, text, or image
  • Experience building Deep Learners and Shallow feature extractors in Tensorflow or Keras (or similar)
  • Experience in Natural Language Processing (keyword extraction and sentiment analysis)
  • Experience with AWS

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