Software Engineer

Tempus Energy Technology Ltd · Jul 13th 2018

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Headquarters: London, UK URL:


Tempus Energy is a multi-award winning energy tech innovator that uses machine learning, data science and plant control software to better manage electricity demand.

By predicting volatility in carbon intensity and market prices we allow customers to reduce their energy costs - while simultaneously enhancing their use of renewables.

We have a strategic partnership with the largest Australian utility, we are a significant voice in global energy forums and we have a thoroughly tested revenue model.


Our accelerating rollout, controlling an increasing amount of equipment on behalf of our end customer, and our expanding ML capabilities requires engineers with a focus on developing reliable and scalable products.

Our ideal colleagues have broad experience and approach their work as an opportunity to create and to learn. How ML and traditional software engineering intersect is an emerging space and we are looking for candidates who are interested in being part of that future.


We are looking for people who can work with our data science team to create frameworks for rapid deployment of Machine Learning products and tools for data manipulation and visualisation.

You will work extensively on various AWS products and our ML/AI stack is heavily based on python 3. While experience in these stacks is appreciated we are looking for people who can be flexible enough to work in a small team and keen to learn new technologies and approaches.

We are a fully remote engineering team but our customer operations are in Australia.


  • 5+ years of professional software development
  • Delivery focused
  • Demonstrable knowledge of one or more software languages
  • Solid understanding of data structures
  • Can apply user focused design when building software architecture, infrastructure and UIs (CLI, API and/or GUI).

  • Excellent written and spoken English

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