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employer represented by techfolk · Jul 13th 2018

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Third Light is seeking a Go Developer, either a seasoned Gopher or capable back end developer looking to cross-train to Go, to help deliver sophisticated new product features for release to our Digital Asset Management product – features that will have immediate positive impact for our global user base.

You may either work at Third Light's comfortable offices, or join the team remotely, with arrangements to come in at convenient times.

We're a small, but expanding, software development team building an enterprise-level software application with a highly-polished UI using state-of-the art techniques. We employ an iterative, design-led process where everyone on the team gets a say. We are agile and manage our work using a gentle scrum process and encourage a lightweight, productive approach to development.

Our product is a JavaScript application loosely-coupled to a back end built on Go microservices and legacy PHP. We use microservices for all new features and Go is our chosen language to do this. We've been using Go for three years, and have built up a mature code base. In parallel we are migrating our older codebase to Go. New work will include an ambitious scripting layer, AI features, and a Dropbox-style file syncer.

We embrace open source and contribute back along the way. We encourage personal projects and hold regular informal 'conference days' to share experience and knowledge.

Now is a great time to join us with lots of new code to write; your opinion and expertise will be valued from day one.

Upcoming projects

  • Design and build workflow and automation microservices to add capabilities to the product

  • Extend image classifier daemon with cutting edge recognition tech, to allow searching for individuals or objects

  • Migrate file metadata handling to a new Go microservice, improving speed and responsiveness for the end user

  • Automate orchestration of microservices in our product e.g. exploring Kubernetes

  • < your idea here! >

We're looking for

  • A demonstrable interest in Go - e.g. substantive online learning / courses / tutorials, hobby projects, open source contributions or production experience

  • Proven back end coding skills, in a Linux environment

  • Experience in designing, building, and maintaining web services, ideally microservices

  • Experience with relational databases e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL

  • Someone who may be considering Mid-level, work from home, Back-End Developer jobs such as: Go Developer | Go Microservices Developer | Golang Developer | Back End Developer | Software Engineer | Linux Developer etc.

You may bring - or like to gain - skills in any of the following

  • Containers, containers as services and automated container deployment

  • Large-scale storage, manipulation and streaming of multimedia

  • Machine intelligence, visual recognition or similar numerical computation

  • Production experience in systems configuration, monitoring, logging, and metrics gathering

Our current technology mix

Go (aka Golang) | JavaScript | PHP | NGINX | MySQL | SockJS | RabbitMQ | HipChat | daily standups | Debian | macOS | VMware | Perforce | Git

Salary and benefits

  • £35,000 - £50,000+ negotiable

  • Contributory pension scheme

  • 25 days holiday + public holidays | flexible hours | bicycle and free car parking| on site cafe | good coffee and tea | fresh fruit | choice of high end workstation | an adorable Beagle to brighten the office

Remote working: you will work at our office for the first three to four weeks for onboarding. If practical, we would prefer you to attend sprint show and tell meetings in person or come to the office quarterly. We will cover reasonable travel expenses and accommodation costs. We will also cover reasonable costs incurred from running your home office.

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