Senior Full Stack Developer

PayIt · Jul 10th 2018

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PayIt is a robust, cloud-based platform that delivers a user-friendly mobile application and website for modernizing government payments for every constituent. We reject the notion that government technology has to be boring, and use some of the most modern techniques and tools including Microservices, Docker, RESTful web services, Java, Kubernetes, MongoDB, ReactJS, React Native, HTML5, and CSS3.

We're not re-inventing the wheel, but instead have re-applied the wheel to establish a robust, scalable platform that dramatically improves the experience for citizens doing business with the government. We are looking for a self-starter who can hit the ground running and has:

  • A solid foundation in object-oriented design and development

  • Designing and Building RESTful web services on the JVM or in JavaScript (Node.js)

  • Experience with a distributed computing

  • Modern JavaScript framework experience (we use React and React Native)

  • The desire to help us continue iterating on a cutting edge, highly available, micro-services platform

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